Flamebreak 660 FD60


Flamebreaks are manufactured with a special three layer tri-laminated hardwood timber core with continuous edge gluing and are dimensionally stable and eliminate core gaps, rippling and telegraphing. The core provides an excellent substrate for easy machining and door blank conversion. With MDF or Plywood faces, Flamebreaks can be supplied lipped or un-lipped and can be laminated, painted or veneered.

54mm Solid Laminated Timber Core Door
10mm Hardwood door edgings to all edges (Exposed)
6mm Plywood or 6mm MDF Face.
Un-Finished (factory primed can be available upon request) 

Extra Options:
Custom Sized doors up to a maximum of 2440x1220.
Itumescent fire and smoke seals 3 edges.
Acoustic upgrade. 

All the above options can be implemented in your order. Please contact the sales team on 01484434831 or use the contact us button for other options. 

Storage and handling instructions click here.
Fitting instructions click here. 

10 Features of Flamebreaks:
1) Flamebreaks can be manufacture to any size required
2) Flamebreak is PAS 23 & PAS 24 tested
3) Flamebreak is tested to DD171 beyond the requirements of severe duty
4) Flamebreaks are acoustically tested up to Rw35dB
5) Flamebreak has thermal test evidence readily available
6) Flamebreak is BM TRADA Q-Mark approved
7) Flamebreak 44mm 430 is the only lightweight FD30 44mm blank available in the UK approx 40% lighter than rival blanks.
8) Flamebreak 54mm 660 is the only light weight FD60 54mm blank available in the UK, approx 30% lighter than rival blanks.
9) Flamebreaks come with Ply and MDF faces
10) Flamebreaks are available ex-stock with Plywood and MDF faces, lipped 4 edges or un-lipped


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