FD30 Fire Doors

Internal FD30 Fire doors help slow the spread of fire & smoke and can ensure that if a fire was to break out, you would have vital extra time to make to make your exit from the property.
Fire doors are becoming increasingly popular in today’s modern health & safety conscious world. On most new builds & new building extensions there is often a requirement for at least some of the doors to be fire rated. Here at Baker Finch Interiors we offer an extensive range of fire doors including glazed, pre finished, panelled & flush. Many of our fire doors have matching 35mm internal doors to compliment the range.
With our ranges of stylish and competitively priced glazed fire doors you know you are investing in protecting your family or residents should a fire break out in your property. Find your new internal fire doors from the collection below.

FD30 Door Specification: 
44mm Solid Core Door 
6/8mm Hardwood door edgings to long edges only.(Complimentary Hardwood) 
Crown cut Hardwood veneer 
Factory finished (un-finished doors are available on special request)

Glazing Specifications
10g = 5 No 245x245 cut out
KSK two part glazing system
Pyroplex TF130 Glazing Gasket

Glass Options:
7.2mm Pyroguard (Clear Un-Wired)
Georgian Wire Polish Plate (Wired)
Un-Glazed (Loose Pinned Beading)