September 2014

Social Media October 11 2014

Social Media is changing the way businesses advertise and communicate with their customers. Twitter is fast becoming the way to check out a company and its products/services. It is important to keep up with this new platform however you cant get away from the fact that business is still conducted on a personal level and when a customer is remodeling their property it is also important for them to have trust in your supplier and get to know them personally.

We at baker finch like to welcome kitchen customers into our showroom for a warm welcome and pleasant experience. This experience can't be given through social media however our social media links point you to where you need to go, contact details and a brief short sharp description of what you get with Baker Finch Interiors. This small piece of information is key to getting customers through the door.

We also advertise through the old fashioned means of magazines and rely on word of mouth which is the main source of business for a company such as ourselves. We do promote our product again on our social media platforms but the objective of this is to draw customers to our website or into the showroom so we can again build up a personal relationship.

In short Social media has changed the way we do things but it can never change the way people buy products and services. Trust is the key and that is earned.